Little Birds by Anais Nin

Little Birds by Anais Nin

Apparently, Anais Nin is known for her masterful erotica tales.  This was my first foray into Anais Nin literature (I have a couple other books by her), and I have to say that I wasn’t impressed.  Maybe I’m just all smutted out, desensitized to it all by reading several racy books in succession . . . I don’t know.

Little Birds is a collection of short stories.  I would liken them to what Penthouse Forum letters from early twentieth century might have been like, had there been Penthouse Forum with a better literary style back then.  Basically, sex for the sake of sex.  Unless I’m missing something.  But weird stuff, told in a sort of dreamlike, hazy style.  Dirty old man getting off on flashing little school girls (in the title story); strangers meeting up on the beach and going for it; men making love to paintings; lots of impotence and frigidity that is cured only by weirdness.

Didn’t really care for it.  Maybe I’ll like Henry & June, which is an excerpt from Anais Nin’s diary, better.  If I get to it.

For now, I think I’m going to take a break from smut and change gears.

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