I seem to have hit a wall with reading lately.  I feel stuck, like I’ve lost my reading momentum.  Usually I devour my way through one book after another, but suddenly nothing is really grabbing me and I find myself reaching for my iPad to play Words With Friends or to catch up on Facebook instead of delving into a book.  That ever happen to you?

Maybe it’s all the holiday madness finally catching up to me after the fact.  Maybe it’s having sick kids and being pregnant and tired.  Who knows?  I should cut myself a break, I guess, but on some level I feel guilty for not currently being entrenched in a book.  (Confession:  I’ve already decided to take a pass on my book club’s first two selections of the year; I just don’t wanna read ’em.)

Maybe this is why I feel guilty:

That’s my bedside table.

That’s my to-read shelf.  I have a book buying problem.  No libraries for me; I need to own the book.  Which is silly, because unless it’s a book that I really, really love, I don’t keep them when I’m done with them, I give them away.  Plus, as you can see, I buy more books than I can possibly expect to read.

I love Barnes & Noble.  More than any other kind of shopping, I like book shopping.  And unfortunately, I’m a sucker for an interesting cover, and what attracts me in the store often isn’t enough to actually compel me to read it.  Many of these books have been sitting on this same shelf, unread, for years, I’m ashamed to admit.  I really need to go through it and purge.  I also need to resolve to stop buying so many books and just make my way through the ones I already have.

Anyhow, I’m giving myself permission to ditch The Art of Fielding which has been displayed up there in my sidebar as “What I’m Reading Now” for a couple of months, because the truth is, I don’t think I’m going to finish it.  I really wanted to like it, because according to all the reviews, it was one of the It books of 2011.  And it is a well-written story with interesting characters and a unique premise.  So I don’t know what it is – I got about 150 pages in and then just got kind of stuck, as in every time I try to pick it back up, I get distracted.  Which means it’s just not grabbing me.

I’ve moved on to Life Itself by Roger Ebert.  Hopefully with the husband away on business for the next several days, I can carve out some quiet time in the evenings and be a reader again.


One thought on “Inertia

  1. We have a lot of the same books on our shelves. I had a book buying problem…and while I’m not buying anymore now, I have 4 bookshelves full of books to read. And that’s after I purged 6 huge boxes of books. I just can’t seem to get rid of them even though I know I won’t touch most of them for quite a while…


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